How To Play

With a wide range of games and new draws taking place like clock-work, there’s plenty to love about our new online lotto games. Playing with PartyCasino Lotto is fun and as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1Lotto or Numbers?
To get the ball rolling, choose from Live Lotto or Bet on Numbers games. Lotto is the classic favourite where you choose your numbers and then watch the balls as they’re randomly selected, while our Bet on Numbers games offer a variety of other fun ways you can bet on numbers.
2Find your game
Next, you can select a studio. Both Live Lotto and Bet on Numbers have live dealers to make the experience that much more entertaining.
3Pick & Play
Finally, you can pick your numbers and place your bets. Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes on the draw!
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
What bonuses can I use or claim on Lotto games?

Our Live Lotto and Bet Number games are part of our Casino offerings, so you can use Casino or cash bonuses you have in your account while playing Lotto, excluding Free Spins.

Can I see a draw history?

To view the draw history, simply launch the game and click on the ‘Bet History’ tab. You’ll be able to see the results from the previous draws of the selected game and your previous bets.

What happens if I get disconnected while playing Live Lotto or Bet on Number games?

If you get disconnected during a draw after you’ve placed your bets, these will still be valid and any winnings will be paid to your account. Remember, you can always see the bet history within the game once you click on the “Bet History” tab.

The video is not working on the Live Lotto, what can I do?

If the video is not working on the Live Lotto page, simply refresh the page and if that doesn’t work please contact our Customer Service team.

Where can I find a list of rules for each of the Lotto games?

The rules for each game type have been summarised above in our “How to Play” section. Additionally, you can launch the game and click on the ‘How to Play’ tab within the game to get a more detailed description.